Liquid De-Icers

As an alternative to rock salt or sand, liquid de-icing offers either a pro-active application or re-active applications of a liquid ice melting agent on any road surface prior to the accumulation of frozen precipitation, or to an existing ice or hard pack snow surface.  Performance enhancing liquids penetrate the snowpack and break the bond at the road surface.  

Whether you are a provincial government, municipality, commercial property manager or a homeowner, Terra Nova Surface Solutions is proud to offer you the following Innovative Surface Solutions Products liquid de-icing options:


A blend of magnesium chloride and food grade agriculture products and is EPA recognized as safer for the environment and authorized to carry the DFE emblem.  This versatile liquid can be used as an anti-icer, de-icer or for pre-wetting salt.  Because of its viscosity and stickiness properties, Magic Minus Zero is especially effective as a stockpile treatment.  Magic -0 is safe for use around animals, and humans and does not affect the skin, leather clothing or carpets.  This product reduces the levels of sodium chloride ion exposure to wells, surface /groundwater and vegetation.  With its extremely low corrosion rates, Magic -0 is much safer than traditional ice melting solutions for roads and infrastructure.  This product is extremely effective in cold weather, with a freeze point of -45*Celsius.

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This blend of Caliber® de-icer with 30% MgCl2. Caliber® de-icer is derived from corn carbohydrates and is specifically engineered to enhance the eutectic point, anti-icing properties and viscosity of the MgCl2. Caliber® de-icer inhibits corrosion and suppresses crystal formation within the MgCl2. While Caliber® de-icer increases the friction coefficient of the MgCl2 it also aids in the prevention of the “slickness” period sometimes experienced when using common chloride brines. Caliber® M1000 provides a variety of applications (anti-icing, de-icing and pre-wetting) in one environmentally friendly, cost effective product. 

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Melt Down is a premium magnesium chloride liquid that can be used as an anti-icer, de-icer and/or a pre-wetting agent.  Due to its lower application rates it effectively reduces the chloride and particulate matter emitted into the environment.  Melt Down is safe for all road surfaces, is safe for use around plants and animals, and is 70% less corrosive than salt.

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